(I forgot to post this last night)

I’ve never been a fan of custom maps in War III (except of course DotA and DotS) until Angie (a member of the DotS group) introduced me Jurassic Park Survival and Pyramid Escape. The gameplay works exactly as what the title suggests.

Jurassic Park Survival - THERE BE DINOS. DINOS EVERYWHERE. You can rendevouz with other survivors. You have 30 mins to survive the dino rampage until the helicopter arrives. You have to gather wood, money and build structures to fend off the predators.

So when all my team mates were busy building turret towers and raising their income and stuff, I was hiding inside the tent the whole time until the chopper arrived. (only going out when those bastards were attacking my fences)

LOL I am such a pussy.

Pyramid Escape - IMO the most hilarious game to play in CO-OP. You and your team mates have to pass 22 challenges to escape the pyramid. Fail 5 and it’s game over. It’s like a whole program with 22 mini-games (ranging from quizzes, boulder dash, TD and even Pacman) and you seriously need TEAM WORK to win everything. 

I was laughing my ass off last night. Me, Khorin, Angie and Maoi had a run with the game and since it was our first time (except Angie), there were lots of “WTF WHY DID I EXPLODE” and “LOL SHIT WHAT HAPPENED”. We never really finished the game though.

The funniest moment will forever be the time when the 4 of us exploded at the same time.

…and god, the quiz part. I hate counting. :V

I just realized that I am such a noob when it comes to Tower Defense.