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Lucifer by SHINee

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This song is cute :]

Step right up, shoot an arrow at the target
My heart is an easy thing for you to hit.
Don’t worry if you miss, I’ll let you shoot again.
My heart is an easy thing for you to win.

Step Right Up - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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Utada Hikaru (English + Japanese mix)

I always used to play both tracks at the same time because I thought it sounded interesting, but now that I finally figured out how to time things correctly and actually use a computer (haha) I split the two audios into right and left. I must say, the chorus is pretty cool. For the best effect, throw on a set of headphones!


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Got shit on your mind? Unhappy about certain aspects of life? Feeling depressed that classes are starting? Suicidal after the Patriots lost in the playoffs? No problem; I got a cure for you. Just listen to this song on repeat for about 5 hours. It’ll calm you down for sure.*

*Please note there is a side effect of losing your mind

Pre-Parade - Rie Kugimiya

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Imogen Heap- Speeding Cars

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Addiction - Medina