Reimu: I was wondering who was behind all this trouble tonight. So it was you Marisa!
Marisa: Hey, don't slander me. The villain's this girl here.
Alice: What? You're no different Marisa!
Reimu: What are you thinking, coming out and doing such terrible things?
Marisa: Er... not really...Reimu, we're just...
Alice: Why the stuttering? Just yell at her like you always do. "Bitch, get out of the way!" Like that.
Marisa: No, don't! We'll be in for it if she gets mad!
Reimu: Cat got your toungue eh? Get over here. Tonight, I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!
Alice: Silly shrine maiden. Can't you see what's wrong with the moon? It's so obvious by now even you could notice it!
Reimu: Ahh! Corrupting the moon as well?! How dare you!
Marisa: Okay, okay, I give up. You're right. The endless night, stealing the full moon, hiding the human village, and putting hats on stone statues, It's all Alice's fault. Now, bitch, get out of the way!